Celiac Awareness Month Family Calendar

Last updated on August 13th, 2023

Make Celiac Awareness Month 2023 special for your kids with this calendar full of recipes and activities for your gluten-free family. From your kitchen to out in the community, celebrate living gluten free sustainably with a month’s worth of ideas for your family. Print out this free calendar or save the paper and follow along online this Celiac Awareness Month!

Celiac Awareness Month Family Calendar

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Gluten-Free Family, Sustainable Living: Celiac Awareness Month

Monday, May 1

Plan a week of GF meals together. Fill your menu with family favorites and look for some new recipes.

Tuesday, May 2

Serve roasted broccoli and chickpeas with GF pasta or whole grains for an easy weeknight meal.

Wednesday, May 3

Get outside and take a walk together.

Thursday, May 4

Create Your Own Grain Bowl Night: Rice with spinach, carrots, and pistachios. Everyone can customize their own meal, and there’s no intense clean-up after dinner.

Friday, May 5

Even very young children can feel helpful in the kitchen. Prepare a gluten-free meal together as a family.

Saturday, May 6

Take a gluten-free day trip. Plan out where you’ll find safe food, or pack a picnic.

Sunday, May 7

Finish up the weekend wit a batch of fudgy double chocolate sweet potato brownies.

Monday, May 8

Make it a Meatless Monday. Plan a meatless meal for dinner, or stick with vegetarian food for the entire day.

Tuesday, May 9

Sit down and share a gluten-free family meal.

Wednesday, May 10

Try a new recipe!

Thursday, May 11

Create a meal with close-to-home ingredients.

Friday, May 12

International Day of Plant Health: Plant a container garden. Create a fairy garden or an herb garden, inside or out.

Saturday, May 13

Print out this GF bingo card and make grocery shopping fun with a scavenger hunt.

Sunday, May 14

This Mother’s Day make breakfast together as a family. Try these gluten-free Greek yogurt bagels!

Monday, May 15

Participate in International Day of Families with family game time!

Tuesday, May 16

Pack lunches together.

Wednesday, May 17

Bake no-fuss sheet pan quesadillas for dinner, ready to eat in less than 30 minutes.

Thursday, May 18

Try a new fruit or vegetable.

Friday, May 19

Check out a cookbook from the library. Look in the youth department for a kid’s GF cookbook, or borrow one from the general collection.

Saturday, May 20

Make beeswax sculptures in celebration of World Bee Day.

Sunday, May 21

Brew a pot of herbal tea in honor of International Tea Day.

Monday, May 22

International Day for Biodiversity: create a meal around heirloom vegetables.

Tuesday, May 23

Who doesn’t love brinner? Include these flourless banana pancakes when you have breakfast for dinner tonight.

Wednesday, May 24

Invent a new smoothie or smoothie bowl recipe.

Thursday, May 25

go for a bike ride.

Friday, May 26

Stay hydrates with homemade watermelon popsicles.

Saturday, May 27

Gather up your old broken crayons and melt them down into upcycled crayons.

Sunday, May 28

Make a difference on World Hunger Day and donate gluten-free packaged goods to a local food bank.

Monday, May 29

Happy Memorial Day! Invite friends and family to join you in a gluten-free cookout.

Tuesday, May 30

Do you have extra food from yesterday’s festivities? Pull together a meal using your leftovers.

Wednesday, May 31

Talk about your month. What meals and activities did you like? Which would you rather skip next Celiac Awareness Month? We’d love to know what worked for your family and what wasn’t a great fit! Let us know in a comment below!

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