5 Easy Soup Recipes

Last updated on September 29th, 2023

Soup is the best, so here are our 5 best soup recipes! Make easy, healthy soup for lunch or dinner, and freeze some to have ready for simple meals later in the month. Keep reading for our 5 best gluten-free soup recipes.

Our 5 Best Gluten-Free Soup Recipes

1. Swiss Chard Potato Soup

Swiss chard potato soup

Healthy Swiss chard potato soup is a simple way to fit in more leafy greens during the colder months. Naturally gluten free, this easy soup recipe can be made dairy free and vegan friendly with a substitution of plant-based yogurt.

2. White Bean, Greens, and Sweet Potato Soup

bowl of white beans, greens and sweet potato soup

White beans, greens, and sweet potato soup features simple, healthy ingredients in a naturally sweet broth that’s kid-approved. This gluten-free soup recipe is so easy to make it’s a great way to get children involved in prep-work, and they’ll love the results.

3. Curried Cauliflower Soup

yellow bowl of curried cauliflower soup on an orange flower-shaped charger with a wooden spoon

Warming curry powder, cauliflower, and coconut milk blend together in this healthy soup recipe. Plus, curried cauliflower soup is super easy to make. Roast the cauliflower in the oven, and then the rest of the soup comes together in a snap.

4. Late Harvest Vegetable and Bean Soup

close up of vegetable bean soup in a pot with fresh rosemary sprig

A combination of late-fall vegetables and pantry staples, this healthy vegetable soup is extremely easy to make. Chop some fall veggies, open a few cans, and you’re ready to go. This family-friendly soup freezes well for simple meals in a hurry.

5. Instant Pot Turkey Soup

Instant Pot Turkey Soup in mason jars

Instant Pot turkey soup is gluten-free comfort food at its best. Cook all the components of this easy soup recipe in an electric pressure cooker for effortless clean-up. Grain free and gluten free, this satisfying soup will instantly become a family favorite.

Tips For Making Easy Soup Recipes

Keep it simple.

These healthy soup recipes feature simple ingredients. If you don’t have a specific component at home, be open to substitutions. If you don’t have certain vegetables, add in produce you have on hand. Mix and match beans you find in the pantry.

Cook in batches.

Make extra soup for easy meals throughout the week.

Freeze leftover soup in airtight containers for quick meals in the future.

Make it a meal.

Pair soup with a sandwich or salad for an easy lunch.

Serve over prepared grains for a healthy dinner.

Take your soup to the next level.

Add some crunch with toasted nuts or roasted squash seeds.

Garnish your soup with roasted vegetables for more texture.

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